May Newsletter (002)

May 2024 Newsletter

Celebrating the events on Pentecost, as narrated in Acts chapter 2, is to celebrate the beginning and the relevance of the church of Jesus Christ. This month, our magazine is dedicated to this great event. It is significant to recognize the church's spiritual, moral, and social value as we support its goals to share God's law and serve others through the grace of the Triune God. The representation above should catch our attention that a woman is in the middle of what is supposed to be the disciples. This is supposed to be Mary, the mother of Jesus, who, according to the Bible, was one of the people who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As we celebrate that the church was formed in the Jewish celebration of Pentecost, the fact that such celebration is the Harvest festival could be seen as an open invitation to all of us to experience the church as a place where fruits are expected and encouraged as Jesus' disciples. So, the body of Christ (us) is called through Pentecost to be the proper harvest for a broken society and to bring a new harvest into Christ's church as we get more people into our midst. Let us be willing to be empowered by the Holy Spirit among us to keep preaching the good news that Christ is our Lord.
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