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April 2024 Newsletter

This month, our magazine and Pastors message is about the truth of functional guidance to follow after the excitement of Lent and Holy Week.
The message of the risen Christ in Matthew 28: 1620 is clear, “Go and make disciples.” This text is an active challenge for all believers to become teachers (it is the only way to have disciples) of God’s grace through the Good News of Jesus Christ to pass from generation to generation the message of salvation.
Jesus’ locus as a disruptor of the heavenly king90m into human history is a loud proclamation, not just of God’s grace and sovereignty, but of a game plan for those, us, who are part of His will of salvation for all (John 3:16-17). To ourselves Christian is to sign up for a covenant of spreading the to all humanity -without exceptions. This sacred task also entails loving humanity and rejecting hatred for the gospel’s sake. It is after Easter that the mission starts. Let us Go in Jesus’ name. Halleluia!

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